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Hi guys, new to the forum and having similar issues to Dbruce (not running well post in 2019) but have a feeling its not the fuel pump psi here as its a new pump fitted, started having what i thought was fueling issues a few weeks back, quad would start but not sit in take over, would run for a few seconds, go lumpy and stall. so started a process of elimination with the following;
  1. checked and cleaned the IACV
  2. removed and cleaned the fuel injector (and checked was it working which it was).
  3. replaced spark plug
  4. new fuel filter
  5. new fuel pump and fuel filter
  6. new ignition coil
  7. removed fuel tank, flushed and cleaned both tank and internal filter.
  8. Added sea foam to fuel tank
ok, so this was all done over a few weeks when i had time and parts. as off saturday past the fuel tank was cleaned and seafoam added, took the quad for a run and was back to normal. started it sunday morning and same old issue, starts and cuts out, give it some throttle and sometimes it takes the throttle or it just cuts out, tried today and same old problem, starts, runs lumpy, stalls, start again will rev up and settle at take over and you think its gunna run fine then stalls again, then backfires a little but not all the time on acceleration and stalls again - where to go now???
can angle sensor lead to lumpy running? should i check the timing? if so how? im not a novice around a quad but engine internals is something else....... could i have over sea foamed it? thanks guys.
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