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Here are the key points to timing the engine.
1. Remove the covers on the flywheel side of the engine.
2. Turn the 17mm bolt counterclock wise till you line up the |T in the small hole
3. Make sure your piston is at TDC through the spark plug hole
4. Put cam in with lobes facing downward and the cam gear has indexing marks to line up with the head surface if it has 3 indexing markes one should be pointed straight up
5. Adjust the timing chain one tooth at a time and leave all the slack at the back side so the tensioner can take it up
6. With the tensioner in place the lines should be exactly flush with the head on both sides.
7. Install valve cover with new metal gasket and adjust valves (always adjust valve anytime you remove the valve cover.
8. Turn it over by hand counterclock wise again a few full revolutions to be sure everything is clear and you have no binding anywhere.
9. Install the side covers and start her up.
Good luck! Very easy quad to time.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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