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Honda 400ex problem

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Got a Honda 400 Ex. I recently did some top end work on this thing and went to start it back up after reassembling everything and it turned over but wouldn’t start. It sounded as if the valves were not opening and closing. So I looked at the valves while I was turning the motor over and everything was turning including the cam but it was not making the valves closed and open. If anyone could help me figure out what is wrong I would appreciate it. Thanks
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If its turning over and the cam is moving but valves arent moving your rocker arms are either missing completely. Or the valve adjustment is way way off. Im honestly not sure they can be adjusted so far off that they dont make contact with the valve. When you assembled it did you put it at TDC and the cam lobes facing downward? The cam gear has lines on it that should align with the top of the head. If all that is good you need to then adjust the valves per the manual at TDC with a feeler guage between the tappet and the valve stem. At TDC it should be .005 and .004 from that point the valves physically have to be moving.
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