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Honda 300ex sprockets ?

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Hello! My son has asked for new sprockets for his quad for his birthday. He’s sent me a link to 14 tooth JT steel for front and 37 pro taper for rear. Do those sound correct to you? Also, I hear he should probably get a new chain as well with the new sprockets? Any recommendations there?

He’s able to do some work on the quad himself, so I’m guessing he knows if these will work, but I just wanted to make sure. He lost both his dad and his uncle in the last year and they were his “quad guys” for help and maintenance. I used to ride 300ex/400ex, but never did the work. Just trying to make sure he’s doing the right thing.

I appreciate your help!
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What year is the quad? And i would suggest rk or d.i.d for chains. Depending on his mantainance schedule you could go non o-ring if he lubes it and cleans it regularly. If not i would go with an o-ring or x-ring. They will hold the little lube they get better. My .02
If thats the case you should be able to buy a full sprocket kit with both front and rear and a chain. There is no need to go jt front and pro taper rear. And most sprocket kits will just be jt front and rear. Or renthal front and rear. You will want both of them to be made of the same materials so they wear the same and need all changed at once.
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