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honda 300 4x4 with web cam ticking

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i have a 98 honda 300 4x4 has a ticking motor after rebuild. ive adjusted valves according to the manual four times now first at .006 by the manual web recommends .004 so i did i thought this was in the rocker arms so i swapped the cover from a different motor well it changed i went to readjust the valves and noticed they were tight as neck bone so i readjusted again here comes the tick :icon_cussing: again. i noticed if i tighten the valves till there is no side to side play on the valve stem it will quiet down, so a friend said why not adjuts like a regular V8 like your mustang ok, so i preceeded into that intak went down come up exhuast on base circle of came checked lose as goose adjusted. checked intake on base cirlce of cam same thing readjusted motor quiet went rode around everything was ok ran it hard for a little bit did ok but in my mind i think theres more to this someone else sen this? does web cams usually tick i have the dual valve spring hardwelded rockers and 102mc cam:confused::angry:
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I would agree it could be the timing chain and guide. As far as i know it is really needed to change this things for a certain period of time coz it tends to loosen up that create noise.
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