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Hello all, I just picked up a nice 1995 Honda 300 4x4, and it runs great, However the red oil light (the far right of the 3 lights on dash) doesn’t come on briefly when you turn the ignition on as it should for a few seconds before starting and then go away based on my experience with other 300’s. Can anyone help me diagnose this potential problem? Thanks and I appreciate the time and help! This is the first atv I have owned in over 15 years, so please bear with me! Thanks again.

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Here’s the diagnostics section for a 93 trx300–-chapter 20—I don’t know if these two models share ignition components but check out the forum service manual library to make sure.

Be careful removing those dash lights

My bet is that the oil sensor fails the tests, but the alarm unit may also – let’s hope not.

Edit: those bulbs are special order so might wanna change them all if one is burned; clean and lube all the sockets with dielectric grease

Also my pic shows two modules. the smaller one is an alarm unit the larger is the Fan Control Unit for the optional Fan Kit. Does your quad have a fan?


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