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Honda 300 4x4 gear reduction

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Anyone know where I can find a gear reduction for a 98 honda 300 4x4. Also how hard are they to put in?
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I've already looked at there website. Seems the don't have the 300 listed.
PM "gotmuddy" over on the highlifter forums, he makes them or he used to, I guess he still makes them.

Just click on the link below and type "gotmuddy" in the box and hit search, then you can PM him.

High Lifter Forums
ok I PMed him. So far I have jetted the carb with a K&N filter and a clutch kit for performance. Its doing alot better than stock but Im still needing just a bit more. Ive noticed reverse had to be lower geared than first gear because it will spin in anything easily. So thats why im thinking a gear reduction will help.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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