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Honda 3 wheeler ..HELP PLEASE!!

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I have a Honda 200 big red it's getting spark but won't won't even fire on starting fluid....

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compression - timing (cam chain stretched or jumped time)
I have never done one..are they hard to do...I'm not even sure of the exact model..I bought it as a basket case and I'm trying to figure it out...the CDI box and coil where bad at the same time I replaced both of those and now she is sparking real good..I have reason to believe it's a 200e or maybe 200es..there is no tags on it anywhere

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Do you smell gasoline on the plug? Need to make sure you have fuel. Do a compression check's getting gas but the timing chain does seem kind of loose I suppose...I just don't know how to time everything...I'm freaking out a little....I'm a 2 stroke guy..never messed with 4 stroke

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If it wont fire with starting fluid good chance you jumped time.

consult the manual on how to line up timing marks and give it a once over, chances are its stretched beyond the tensioners arm can reach, real common.
Thanks everybody..I timed everything up and found that the rotor in the head for the CDI was 180 degrees off..I took it apart and turned it and she fires right up...

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