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:icon_cool: I have been looking over this forum for a long time and joined because I need help with a 2007 Honda 420 ES. It is not shifting out of neutral until it has fully warmed up. once it has warmed up I can shift in all forward gears as I please. No trouble shifting in reverse at any time, No codes blink, No indication on the control panel as described in the other post I have looked over. Thought it was the electric shift motor but that has been changed 2 days ago and shifts like new(Once warmed up). Brand new battery, changed it out right before the shift issues due to it was old and had a bad cell. Any help on this issue will greatly be appropriated.

The gears in the front for the shifter might have to heavy a grease in it, I have read to take it apart and clean inspect( naturally) use a white lithium grease that is not effected by the cold as much. My 08 started to dothis sometime in extreme cold. I do store my machine outdoors. I haven't taken it apart yet as I traditionally warm my machine up anyway. Last time I had the cover off think it took me about 40 min total didn't use white lithium as I didn't have any handy.

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