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Honda 1992 250x bogging out half throttle

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I have a Honda TRX 250 X 1992 it's bogging out At half throttle I have a DG exhaust and 128 main jet not sure what type slow jet I have replaced the carburetor and still no luck it continues to do the same thing I would think it's a carb issue but not sure if it might be something electrical any thoughts on this ????
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May have run it too long with choke on? Did you replace with OEM carb? If not rebuild and replace the OEM carb. It stumbles when you rev right? Fouled plug
You鈥檙e very welcome sorry I don鈥檛 know too much about yours but if the plug is clean then starving for fuel?
Service manual link in my sig block
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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