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Honda 1992 250x bogging out half throttle

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I have a Honda TRX 250 X 1992 it's bogging out At half throttle I have a DG exhaust and 128 main jet not sure what type slow jet I have replaced the carburetor and still no luck it continues to do the same thing I would think it's a carb issue but not sure if it might be something electrical any thoughts on this ????
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Could be a severely fouled spark plug. Or a bad coil or cdi. Does it idle and start up perfectly fine? Welcome to the forums!
Only one other thing i can think of would be the choke. There isnt any chance the choke is on and you think its off? I dont know the resistances of your coil. But i would suggest downloading a fsm. That will give you all the coil trouble shooting info. Sorry for the delay on replying. Hope this helps!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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