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hond trx300 centrifugal clutch free rotation ?

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Took the centrifugal clutch out the old 88 trx 300 yesterday to replace clutch shoes , took bearing out and dropped it (doh):crying , got bearing back together , and works ok , just rebuilding it and making sure i put it back together right way around , anyone remember which way the free rotation is on the centrifugal clutch (its clockwise at present) , and compression and lockup on anticlockwise , thanks for looking
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That is a correct installation. There should be a mark on the sprag cage to identify which side faces out.
that mark does not help when you replace the sprag bearings back in the cage the wrong way ? gawddd I remember doing this a time or two ..what a pain to get them all stacked back in that cage, facing the right way, then getting the spring back around them !!
thanks guys for all your input ,all the youtube vids never show the rotation , i had to reverse the sprag as i did put them in wrong way up , didnt fancy taking apart again and next time will be a new sprag anyway , (stupid bearing ) now to find a flywheel bearing as starter is slipping ,
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