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Hi Everybody!! New guy, need advice on 1982 3 Wheeler

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Got a 1982 3 Wheeler TC 185s my brother gave me and have rode the hell out of it for a year and half. (Fun fun fun) Some minor drive train problems but always started no problem. Had it out 2 weeks ago for a short dig and it died, had to walk out. Got a spark plug for it as this always fixes any problem this bike ever had. It starts but only runs with the throttle cranked open all the way no choke or swift death occurs. Chugs like a tractor and blows unburnt gas out the smoke hole. Removed and pulled the simple carb apart and found screw head with machined hole rattling around the float. Fits nice into long brass tube to the bottom of the float. Dismantled, cleaned and blew it out with air and reassembled. I found a jet I didn't know was there under the throat and one I did know about on the side. Assuming primary and secondary, but how are these adjusted? The bike always ran on the rich side hence the plugs so I would like to get this right. This is a cheap fun bike that goes anywhere and I would love to see some more kms on it. Any help would be awesome as the shops around here just want you to buy a new one. If you ride a 3 wheeler gimme a hey, after all we gotta stick together.
Thanks Phelonious
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