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looking good, I love that one with the pintle hitch set up on it, looks mean AZZ!
and that also looks like some WIDE open area there to ride in, lots of views of things far off, pretty cool!

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LOL glad you like them--my work rigs! Owned by the outfit I work for and maintained by me. Purchased in '87 outfitted with all options, Cycle Country snow plows but years later forgotten til I saved them.
They have been roughed up a little but they all run--hourmeters read from 672 to 816 hrs. Best running one has a new cam chain--the rest like to foul plugs, but I will continue to use and work on them.
The pintle hook rig was used to move large fire extinguishers and equipment. I will get a closeup pic of it for you guys. Yeah I love mud lights cuz I am occasionally on pavement, soft earth mostly, sometimes cactus patches, some mud, frequently snow and lots of ice!
These rigs are TOUGH and have taken their licks son--not yet ready for the pasture!!

Edit also you might see whoever installed the headlight risers put them all on backward!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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