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I just bought my son a 1986 Honda trx 125. When I first got it you could pull start it (dead battery) and it would run ok. I bought a battery and put in a new carb kit and he rode it all day. That night I put it on a trailer and drove to the deer lease. Got there and couldnt get it started. I thought that the carb had trash in it so I bought a new carb and installed it. I noticed that the spark plug wasnt getting constant spark. It seemed that it would spark a few times when you hit the start button then stop, it would then spark a few more times when you let off of the start button. I had the ignition coil checked and they said it was good. My next guess is that the pick up coil is bad but I checked it with an ohmmeter and I am getting a readying of around 100, not sure what it should be. When I push the start button it turns over and every now and then it will fire off for a few seconds. I just dont think that I am getting a good spark. Any ideas??????
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We have some guys that are really good at that side of atvs. Be patient they will help you.
remove your spark plug and see what color the tip is.
Really doesn't sound like jetting... Valves out of spec? As it heats up the metal expands and makes the valve clearance worse?!?!?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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