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I just bought my son a 1986 Honda trx 125. When I first got it you could pull start it (dead battery) and it would run ok. I bought a battery and put in a new carb kit and he rode it all day. That night I put it on a trailer and drove to the deer lease. Got there and couldnt get it started. I thought that the carb had trash in it so I bought a new carb and installed it. I noticed that the spark plug wasnt getting constant spark. It seemed that it would spark a few times when you hit the start button then stop, it would then spark a few more times when you let off of the start button. I had the ignition coil checked and they said it was good. My next guess is that the pick up coil is bad but I checked it with an ohmmeter and I am getting a readying of around 100, not sure what it should be. When I push the start button it turns over and every now and then it will fire off for a few seconds. I just dont think that I am getting a good spark. Any ideas??????
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it wont stay running at all weather I give it gas or not
is there a better way to check the pick up coil
Yea, do you think that could effect something
How close should the pick up coil be to the fly wheel?
Well, I replaced the pick up coil and it started right up. Now it will run for about a minute and then die. It's hard as heck to get it started again. I know that its a fuel problem but not sure where to start. It's getting fuel to the carb, and the filters are clean. I cleaned the carb out and nothing changed. My next thought was that the jets need adjusting but I dont really know how to do that!
Black, so I replaced it. It was not wet though.
How many turns should i have the pilot screw set at from the seat position? I didnt mess with the jets when i cleaned the last time.
ok, I went back through the carb and cleaned the jets. They looked ok but I cleaned them anyway. I let the carb soak in cleaner all night and put it back on this morning and it purs like a cat. I can push the throttle and it responds well. However when I put it in gear and start to drive it dies. Any ideas?
I adjusted the idle a little bit more and it seems to working well. I put a new air filter on before I started. Thanks for all of your help. It's really cool to have a place like this.
1 - 12 of 24 Posts
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