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Good evening all,

I have an 05 Foremann 500. Sat up all hunting season last year. Recently pulled fuel lines and drained old fuel. Pulled carb, cleaned and rebuilt. Cranked and idled hesitantly with choke at first. This was somewhat normal for this quad as it has always been a pain to start when it was cold. Now it spits, sputters and dies whenever you accelerate. Cannot ride it due to previous statement. Pulled carb again and confirmed it was all clean. New oil, spark plug, fuel filter and fresh fuel. Has preset air fuel screw that cannot be adjusted. Recently purchased All Balls Racing rebuild kit # 26-1248. Will rebuild with that tomorrow. Any thoughts or help to get me up and running would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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we are not sure HOW your cleaning the carb( as not stated)
, but things can get coating with a varnish like coating, that might LOOK clean but are NOT, and will have passages smaller than needed!
just spraying down a carb with carb cleaner or soaking in a bucket of carb cleaner anymroe is NOT cutting it many times on folks that run ethanol fuel and let things sit for long periods of time(more than 3 months)
next if there is Crap in your fuel tank, and your ONLY draining it, and re filling, you can be wasting your time cleaning a carb, as again small particles can get from tank into carb again, and ruin your freshly cleaned carb!
so if you have not cleaned your tank, might be a good idea before going farther!
then there is the peacock, is it clean and free flowing properly>

NEXT< same deal with fuel lines, IF they have crap built up in them from ethanol fuel or just Time as the yrs passed, , I suggest replacing them with new one's
there cheap and rule things out
name of game in fuel issues is starting up stream and working down ruling out each possible issue

once tank, peacock, and fuel lines are CLEAN and free flowing, THEN clean carb and that MIGHT mean boiling , hard parts in lemon juice or such, to get that crappy varnish off things, cleaning passages and making sure there clean and free(small picks work as does good compressed air too)
then make sure air filter is clean and free flowing

if after this, still runs funny
that will maybe lead to other issues in the spark dept?
but doing the above will cure fuel issues! IMO
skip a step and , can be chasing your tail

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Remove and inspect the enrichment valve aka starter valve aka choke valve.
The oring on the valve should be pliable and conical pointing into the bore—should fit snugly in the bore. If you didn’t replace it when tou rebuilt the carb i think it’s likely well past due for replacement
Also check the rubber piston boot to make sure it has zero holes. I’m with mrbb i think your carb still dirty but if it were me I’d replace the primer bulb and choke valve
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