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Im stuck on making a decision, what would be better for woods riding with a bunch of hill climbs and all sorts of Terrain and hitting a mx track? Im stuck between a suzuki ltr450 and the Honda trx450.. what one has a beater suspension? And the faster acceleration?
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Honda 400ex.....BUT.....The early models don't have reverse.... just a heads up

They are cheap and easy to upgrade if you would like..... They are low maintenance if you treat it right.....

The 450's are known for there nice front suspension.... a lot of people for the 450 front shocks on the 400's

If this is your first quad I wouldn't buy the 450.... thats a lot of power for a beginner... but hey it's your money you do what you want :).
Yep ^^^ a lot of people put bigger bores on the 400's I have a 16cc bore kit on my 400... but they also make a 44cc if you want even more power.... Great bike all around...since people upgrade them you can find really nice used parts if you break something.... also just because its a 450 doesn't mean its has a higher top speed then the 400 BUT my 416 rekts my buddies fully built 450.... Just something to keep in mind.... also in my state 400's are all over craigslist... you can find them very cheap.....
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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