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Im stuck on making a decision, what would be better for woods riding with a bunch of hill climbs and all sorts of Terrain and hitting a mx track? Im stuck between a suzuki ltr450 and the Honda trx450.. what one has a beater suspension? And the faster acceleration?
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400EX! :p:icon_ lala:
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^^^ What he said plus a few things!

The 450's are mostly liquid cooled race oriented bikes.

Yeah they are faster than the 400's, but not in every scenario.

The 400EX has a reputation for being a great trail quad with low end torque that helps you putt around at lower speeds.

The 450's usually have a high power band requiring more revs, and aren't as trail riding or pleasure riding oriented.

They will also require more maintenance... a lot more lol.

The air-cooled 400cc unit in the 400EX is known for it's reliability and ease of maintenance.

If and when you decide it needs more power, you can upgrade the motor with some big bore kits and make it a screamer.
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Haha its not my first wheeler ive had all sorts of wheelers 89 fourtrax 300, suzuki ltz400, raptor 660 lol
lol then shouldn't YOU be telling US which is the better bike? :wink
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