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Im stuck on making a decision, what would be better for woods riding with a bunch of hill climbs and all sorts of Terrain and hitting a mx track? Im stuck between a suzuki ltr450 and the Honda trx450.. what one has a beater suspension? And the faster acceleration?
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Ltr450. Fuel injected and they are insanely fast. Stock for stock it wouldnt be a race with a trx450.
The ltr is in all honesty a very good quad right off the bat. Here is the problem you and anyone else in your shoes is gunna have. Any 450 besides the kfx is a race bike. So no reverse. That being said you are gunna struggle to find one that hasnt been raced. They dont make any of the 450s besides the yfz brandnew anymore. So your gunna get someones race bike or practice bike. Thats all fine and dandy as long as they kept up with the maintanance. Which they didnt. Because honestly no one ever does. So be prepared to rebuild it or fix the issues that you over looked. My best advice is dont get caught up in how fast it is. That makes you overlook problems. Start by inspecting everything. Check to see if its ever thrown a chain. Signs of bad mantainance right there. Check all the bearings and bushings. Again anything excessivley loose bad maintanance. You will inevitably end up over looking something. Dont miss the real big ones. Frame straight? Cracked? Anything along those lines? I got tired of looking at so many ragged out 450s i went with the 400 and built it to fit me like a glove. My .02
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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