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Help with fourtrax 200d starting/electrical issues

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Hello! I have a 1995 fourtrax 200d. I noticed after riding for extended periods of time, the lights would go dim. Also, if I turned it off and tried to start it again, it would have no power, and refused to start. It has a new battery that has been on a battery maintainer. It would seem like it has a problem with the charging system, however, if you let it sit for a while and cool down it will regain power and start with no problem. I disconnected the battery terminal, and when I put it back on and cranked the engine the terminals sparked. I have no clue if there is a short somewhere, or where it would be. Thank you
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It sounds like your battery terminals are corroded and ready for a good cleaning... also check the charging system DC output voltage with a multimeter for a preliminary test.. you can use the service manual to help you diagnose any charging system issue you might find.

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Great, let us know how it goes if ya can.
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