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help with engine disassembly

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I have a 2005 Rincon 650 that a buddy of mine gave me. It has about 100 hours on it and the cam chain broke. He took off the cylinder and head and thats about as far as he got. Besides ordering a new cam chain, are there any tools I need to get the engine apart to get to the bottom sprocket? Also are the valves the intereference type where they would be damaged by the piston when the chain let go? This is my first Honda, I have a couple raptor's that I rebuilt last year but I understand the bottom end is a little more complicated on these? What else should I do while I am in there? Thanks, up here in northern alaska it is pretty hard to get tools and such and the wait time is horrendous.
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You can download a repair manual for the 650 Rincon at this site.
So..The torque converter. How do I get it off? Shipping will be about 300 to a dealer and back by air, and a part will cost 200 and take a couple months. How do I get it off. Tap around the edges? 3 Jaw puller didnt work, edges are too round with nowhere to catch
You're probably going to have to have that special puller for the torque converter.
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