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Help please. Power issue, throttle issue

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I'm lost.
Have a Honda 300trxfw 4x4
Carburetor is good.
I know this because I swapped it with a bike that is running good. My carb had no problems on my friends bike and ran great. And his carb in my bike, the same problems occured.

Coil is good.

Idles perfect.
At 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 throttle when it reaches steady rpm it continuesly drops and raises rpm like if I were to be tapping the throttle
At wot it runs fine.

It did this before I snorkeled it. It did this before the gear reduction.

Im at a lost. My friend says timing chain?
Anything else u think it could be?
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While the motor is running at a steady cruising speed in any gear, it cuts out and then regains power rapidly? Is it cyclical as if you were hitting the kill switch momentarily every second or so?
Yes this is exactly what's happening, any thoughts? Thanks
Both carbs are OEM.
I have cleaned, buffed every electrical component and added dielectric grease.
Brand new ngk spark plug. Gapped... .035 or something like that
It's 2000.
Only part that's not OEM is the gear reduction and the clutches.
Airbox, and snorkel are legit...

Well I tried to call my buddy who's got my bike and ask him to switch gas tanks and well,
He done pulled the top end apart.
It was off time.
Got a new chain for it already so I'll keep everyone and let y'all know if this was the problem or not.
This is a very annoying problem. That I hope no one else has to deal with
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Well, top end work is fine.
Gas tank swap no good.
Attached video.
Or tried.
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