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Help please. Power issue, throttle issue

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I'm lost.
Have a Honda 300trxfw 4x4
Carburetor is good.
I know this because I swapped it with a bike that is running good. My carb had no problems on my friends bike and ran great. And his carb in my bike, the same problems occured.

Coil is good.

Idles perfect.
At 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 throttle when it reaches steady rpm it continuesly drops and raises rpm like if I were to be tapping the throttle
At wot it runs fine.

It did this before I snorkeled it. It did this before the gear reduction.

Im at a lost. My friend says timing chain?
Anything else u think it could be?
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Gotta be either fuel or fire. Gravity feed gas tank so check your tank feed for any restrictions. As I recall these didn't have an inline filter but a screen at the petcock.
The tank is metal and subject to rust and these petcocks like to get clogged.
If fuel system is clean I would suspect an ignition component
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