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help needed...please

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if you have any info or can help me out in anyway pleaseeeeeee do. i am looking for and atv technician school and wanted to know if anyone knows of a good one orid anyone knows where some are located. ive always liked working on motors its something i love and i am really looking to make a career out of this and would like to be a tech for for a motocross team. if you know of any schools, places of training, ways to volunteer, or just a few pointers to get my foot in the door. once again if you can help me out please do. thanks guys
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Penn Foster has online courses, that with a local shop willing to have you on as an aprentice is a great start. You need to start being a mechanic for some small privateers on the MX circuit. I can tell you now from my own racing experience, I want a pit crew that has been in the game for a while. Not someone fresh out of the box. I have heard from mechanics in the desert racing scene that MMI and Wyotech are a joke as far as being the way to get into the game. But that is just hear-say
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