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Ok heres whats going on..

I purchase an 85 TRX125. Starts right up but was stuck in gear.
Removed Sub Trans and found Reverse idel gear was in backwards.
After putting it back togather several times I learned something was sticking inside the sub tranny.
After figuring it out the machine shifted good through all gears but a slight "clanking" sound was coming from the sub trans (I think)
Removed it again, and the only thing I noticed was the castles on the reverse driven and low driven were hitting each other when they should not be.
Check the shift forks (miked out at .21 Replaced with need)
Redid Sub Rans through all gears with the same noise.
Was coming back into the garage slowing into first gear when I could hear something lock up.
The machine would not shift. Removed sub cover and check out inside. Replaced.
NOW THE MACHINE WON'T SHIFT INTO ANY GEAR. Shift moves but machine won't. Smelled like I was burning up the clutch a little.
Removed right side cover, everything looks like it was replaced.
Could it be something in the main transmission or likly a clutch problem or still something with the sub tranny? Could the bushing on the reverse driven be worn out and causing the gear's castles to touch binding up the gears and why wont it shift after working perfect.

any help might work. I really don't want to take the engine apart to check the tranny.

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