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Help me please!!

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I was originally looking into 400ex's, but two people have told me that out where I am at (Missouri), I should stick with what I have (Tinberwolf 250). They said the clutch would not be good on our terrain and that what I have is perfect. I really want one, but no one has told me that I should get one. Advice, tips, or comments is greatly appreciated!
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I think there are way too many people today that do NOT know how to drive a atv with a REAL clutch, and thus they fear what they don't know!
and pass on bogus information
I have run countless very tight and twisty races with MX bikes with real clutches, and shifting gears was constant almost, and also second nature after some seat time, didn;t even realize I was doing it, it IMO makes you a better rider, and more in tune with your machine too!
and for sure helps with hand eye foot ear coordination as well!
and its been proven to do so too!

NOW if you live where a 2 wheel drive atv is not the best(many places are steep slick, and or muddy), then a 4x4 atv is more what you should have
but as for having a real hand operated clutch or not, is NOTHING but personal preference and riders ability and desire!

if you want to shift gears, get one and have fun I say!
as they say, you could always sell if your unhappy with it, they do hold there value rather well, at this point

and there are a LOT of upgrade options for the over the timberwolf you have now too!
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Thank you everyone for the advice. My area is hardly slick, but steep is a yes. Steep like it's hard to walk up, but not impossible. I was heartbroken when they told me that a 400ex is not a good option. One of them previously owned one, and he said the clutch never lasted (not sure on the technical term for all these atv parts lol). So you guys really think it'll be a good option? We have a couple trails that maybe too rough, hard to say. I plan to keep this mainly on hills, grass, and gravel.
how long a clutch lasts has a lot do with how well you take care of it and use it!

people that RIDE the clutch, will wear one out way faster, and that tends to come from lack of skill using one! IMO!

as for should you buy one, this is a personal question, NO one can answer but you, if you want one, get one, worst that can happen, is you get it and find its NOT for you, and re sell it!

here in my area, on the really BIG long hills, you will seldom EVER find a any 4x4 atv's climbing them, they just weight to much, top heavy and just not made for BIG long fast hill climbs!

4x4 works better for allowing you to do things slower and NOT rely on speed to get you up and over things, but with traction alone!
its a pro's and con's deal, and for everyone, its up to them to decide what they like better!

but here in my area, I see many 2 wheel drive atv's climb hills, NO 4x4 I see will make, due to they can generate speed quicker and have lower center of gravity too!, and your able to throw them around better when needed(as in a u turn on a steep hill your NOT going to make)
here is a video link to some climbs here, you see 2x4 atv's and MX bikes 99% of the time ONLY on these hills!

another thing to look at if you watch, is, these hills at one time were all one big pile of slate, and not having all the paths and erosion on them, the bikes climbed these hills for decades and never eroded things, but ATV< pretty much destroyed the hills, carving out paths and major erosion in the hills, some of the trails now are 20+ ft deep ?
so any time i hear folks say MX bikes do more damage than ATV's I just laugh!, as they have no real clue what there talking about! LOL
not bashing atv's, just saying it as it really is!
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