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Help me please!!

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I was originally looking into 400ex's, but two people have told me that out where I am at (Missouri), I should stick with what I have (Tinberwolf 250). They said the clutch would not be good on our terrain and that what I have is perfect. I really want one, but no one has told me that I should get one. Advice, tips, or comments is greatly appreciated!
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Where are you riding? I wouldn’t want to do tight technical slow trails on my 400ex but wide open with no obstacles, I love it. Tried to cross my creek with steep banks and I was wishing for a 4x4 auto

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I think there are way too many people today that do NOT know how to drive a atv with a REAL clutch, and thus they fear what they don't know!

and pass on bogus information

I have run countless very tight and twisty races with MX bikes with real clutches, and shifting gears was constant almost, and also second nature after some seat time, didn;t even realize I was doing it, it IMO makes you a better rider, and more in tune with your machine too!

and for sure helps with hand eye foot ear coordination as well!

and its been proven to do so too!

NOW if you live where a 2 wheel drive atv is not the best(many places are steep slick, and or muddy), then a 4x4 atv is more what you should have

but as for having a real hand operated clutch or not, is NOTHING but personal preference and riders ability and desire!

if you want to shift gears, get one and have fun I say!

as they say, you could always sell if your unhappy with it, they do hold there value rather well, at this point

and there are a LOT of upgrade options for the over the timberwolf you have now too!

I’ve daily drove a manual vehicle for a decade now, I specifically did not want an auto utility quad when I went shopping, I wanted a true clutch and speed. There are a lot of people that have asked to ride it until I told them it’s a clutch and then they don’t want to ride anymore lol. Lot of people ask to barrow one of my trucks till I tell them they’re all 5 speeds lol. My close friends own manuals and have no problem on my 400ex. Unfortunately standard transmissions just aren’t the standard anymore. Little off topic there but like you were saying, each transmission has its place and people have preferences

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