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help me out guys

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I have a 2016 honda 420 foot shift straight axel trx420fm1 is their anny way to add power and torque just looken to make it a stronger bike help pleas
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So let’s say you can’t get something different. No problem, there are some options.
1. Proper aftermarket filter, properly tuned carb, good oil, good plug. Keep it maintained. Filter, though not adding tons of power, will make the quad use/keep all the power it was designed with.
2. Change gearing a tooth to get some snap at lower RPM. That will make it a much more responsive quad for what I believe you are after. ATV will feel crisp and sharp. It’s not a high speed quad, it’s heavy, doesn’t rev well.
Don’t feel like you made a bad purchase. You bought a Honda that will work all day, outlive you if taken care of, just not win a Hare Scramble. I ride a 1985 350x, a 1987 250r, and my son a 1987 250x. I know about Honda reliability.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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