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HELP!! Decompression Cable!!

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HELP!! 1986 TRX 350 Decompression Cable!!

I have most of a 1986 TRX 350,I got it running & moving, Need some help with a part: Name & where I can acquire one!! The Decompression cable is attached at one end( the connector end) The other end is hanging free over the head! Kids at the Honda shop( on the computer) Say it needs a Lifter receiver?? But they cant get one!! Dunno, foresure if that's what its called, or where I can find one!!
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do you need the cable ?, or the lever ?. ebay will be your best bet for both :).
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I have to ask, after reading your intro, your disabled...right ?, why do you need the decompression parts on this atv ?, what I mean is..unless your kick starting this all the time ?, I see no reason to have it on there when you can just use the lever part, or not at all ?, unless its leaking oil ?. seems to me, you would be better off using the electric start.
If you read back up the page you'll see that the decomp lifter is missing @shadetree. There is a big hole in the rocker cover begging to be plugged with something other than his right thumb. :)
ah..ok. he needs the lever to stop the oil leaking I musta missed that.
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I imagine that'll help! Still need the spring, dowel pin and possibly the oil seal? The dowel pin and seal are still available new, but the spring shows not.
welllllllllllll..if I can locate stuff ?..then I don't see a prob with him doing some searching, OP, look around on ebay :).
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Bought it!!

Thanks!! Shadetree!!
your very welcome pd ! :).
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