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help a newbee please

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hi all i am new to the Forums and new at having a quad..:sad
Anyway i bought a used 2006 honda rancher trx400fga from a friend that needs sat for 2 years without would not start i took off the carb and cleaned it got it running not new idles little high..anyway i tried to put the shifter into drive and reverse it just grinds and won't go in to gear i said im new to quads and stupid with them as you hear..Question is there a clutch on it when putting in gear on the main shifter? Also missing the brake cable on the left side of the handle bar when shitting on the quad..i ordered one and don't know where it goes? if you understand what i saying please help..i looked on the internet could not find and info i need
thanks all sorry for my stupid questions:crying
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The left side handlebar lever and cable is for the rear brake.

The reason that you can't get the bike in gear is because the idle speed is too fast, which engages the centrifugal clutch. Turn the idle speed screw down to about 1450 RPMs then try it. You'll probably have to adjust the pilot screw back where it belongs as well.

You'll need to read and follow directions in the service manual to work on that bike. Read the carburetor section and follow the reassembly step by step all of the way to the end, including cable adjustments. You can get a copy free, linked from the manuals forum here:

Let us know how it goes.
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