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help 95 trx300ex just bought

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I am having lot problems with bike I just bought.the guy said he rode every day then it started poping cracking so he put new ring 1 to 2 weeks later same thing so he decide tgo sell I bought got home new bat and valve adjust m/ent egual backfire but no start so tore down adjust timing then tried nothing u hold hand on carb it [email protected] ur hand in and leaves gas ring on hand so I tore down again but further and found piston to be in bad shape real bad groving on pist and piston wall how to fikx with out making the b ike much more p?owerful unless its cost about the same
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I always take the cylinder to the Honda dealer or local ATV shop and get it bored to whatever it takes to clean up the scratches and then get the over sized piston and rings and gaskets to match.

Ebay might have a kit you can buy, I know they have the kits for the 350 Rancher. You just have to send your old cylinder to them and they will send you another cylinder already bored and the new over sized piston and rings and gaskets to match it.

And no, you don't have to do anything else to the engine other than getting the cylinder bored and the new over sized piston and rings and gasket to match. Although, I would get a new piston pin and clips, like 69 mentioned above, and check the rod bearings. Grab the top of the rod where the piston pin goes, and try to move it up and down. If it has any up and down movement, then your rod bearing is bad. A little side to side movement is normal.
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