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Help 2011 Honda 420 problem

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I have a honda 2011 420 that never had any issues until now. It starts fine an idles fine even when I give it gas. But when I put in in drive to go forward it won't run. It keeps studdering out and wants to kill when I give it gas. But if I put it in reverse it runs perfectly fine with no issues. Can someone please try and help me possible issues?
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Please limit your requests to one thread per issue. Starting two threads concerning the same issue only clutters up the forums and causes confusion among those whom would help you. I have deleted your other thread. Thank you, welcome to the forums!
Your model has PGM-FI, so its probably a dirty fuel filter as Mel advised. You can get a copy of the factory service manual HERE to aid you in troubleshooting and repair.
Which model Rancher do you have? What sort of repairs or maintenance have you done to the bike recently? Do you have a copy of the service manual? We need every bit of info ya got, even if you feel it isn't relevant.
Still didn't get the model... I assume its an automatic trans or no? Did the bike do this before you changed all of those parts? Are any parts on the bike aftermarket? Have you ridden it in water or deep mud?
Ok, thanks. Try this first: Take the ignition coil off from the bike and use a small plastic brush (an old toothbrush works) to scrub the coil in warm soapy water. Clean it good especially around the spark plug wire tower connection and the power & ground connectors. Rinse and dry it completely and put it back on the bike to test. Don't drop it! Also just a reminder: Never unplug an electrical component while the key is on... voltage surges wreak havoc on the PCM and other sensitive components. Let us know what happens...


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