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Hello. Need input on Fuel issue.

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Hello to all I was glad to run across this forum. I am hoping to get some good input and questions answered as well. I have a 2013 TRX420TE that up until now has been problem free. This past weekend I was riding for the first tim this year and at about 14 miles of trail riding the motor died just like it ran out of gas. The Petcock valve was in the fuel on position. After turning the switch off and back a few times it fired back up and ran fine for a few minutes then did it again. To make a long story short I noticed the fuel pump was not cycling most of the times I turned the switch on. I removed fuel pump canister assembly. Ordered a now unit from local dealership. Installed with new rubber seal and locking connector on pressurized hose. Was going to drain the fuel tank via the hose coming off the petcock valve and only get a slight dribble. Surely i have a clogged or gummed up tank / line / valve or all the above? How much fuel flow should I have at the hose from the tank that fills the fuel bowl at the fuel pump? Thanks in advance for helpful info and sorry this is so long but wanted to give as much info as possible on what happened.
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I'd take the tank off, turn it upside down, shoot some air back through the petcock and see if you can clear it. If you try to take the petcock off the tank, either use an impact or snap the ratchet quickly when you start to loosen those 8mm bolts. They're screwed into nutserts in the plastic tank, and if you don't snap them loose oftentimes the nutserts will start to spin in the plastic and then you have a whole nother issue to deal with.

If it were me, I'd flip it over, put the petcock on "ON" and then put a shot of compressed air up through there with my compressor. If that opens it up, flush out the tank and put it back on.
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Ha, if it were me I'd just run it in reserve.
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