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hello everyone

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hey im Daniel im new
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Nice bike man....Welcome!!! How are you liking the 700?
I dig mine too...and yeah they are pretty quick!! How long have you had yours?
My wife also got me mine for X-Mas last year. Have you had much of a chance to ride it yet? Have you done all the mods or did it come that way?
i have ran about 5 tanks of gas though it and she bought it bare and i put everything on it about 3 days ago and man it helped it alot
Do you still have the stock Dunlops on it? I just went out with mine this weekend after putting some Maxxis Razrs on the rear Holy Crap what a difference. I didnt realize how poorly the stock tires hooked up.
Its a great upgrade for sure! I chose the Razrs because it seemed like they got better reviews but I'm sure the Holeshots hold there own.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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