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New to the ATV world, first bike I have ever owned I just picked up is a 2003 350 fourtrax es. Has only 2600kms. I have completed the following on the bike so far for my piece of mind;

Oil and filter change
Air filter replacement
Carb removed and cleaned - wasn't idling properly so I new the jets were plugged up. Purrs like a kitten now.

I have a sticky rear break problem, so I am going to tear into that when I get some time and clean everything out. I also experienced an issue where it would not shift from 1st back to Neutral unless I rocked the bike a bit. I am going to replace the angle sensor and see if that fixes it.

Other then that I am loving the bike so far, going to use it as a bit of work horse as opposed to mudding it.

Thanks all, looking forward to reading and gaining knowledge from everyone here!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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