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Hearing tapping noise.

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I just got done riding all day today and yesterday. While riding I happened to hear a tapping or clicking noise where the filter and engine is. So I rechecked it and held the break and reved it a little and heard it again. Put it in neutral and still heard it. Any idea what this is from?

96 Honda TRX300 fourtrax

Another question is I did a little tuning to my clutch and ended up screwing the nut and tightened the screw and lost order in where it was. Could this make that noise?
I also found that it doesn't have the power or take off like it did before I messed with it?..
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[/QUOTE]Does the tapping noise sound like it's coming from the top of the engine? The valve clearance may need to be adjusted.[/QUOTE]

I can't tell but when I put my finger on the right side of the cover I can feel it from there. Where the oil filter is located that and looking towards the front of the atv the cover that says honda on it. That's where I hear it and feel it.
Lol I am still trying to get this quote thing to work. Anyways I'll turn it on tomorrow and try to pin point where the actual sound is.
Wow I have so many questions!

When I bought this atv it had the stock rims and tires on it! Woo bad shape they were in. So I just bought some steel 12" rims and 25's tires.
I noticed that my atv of course works harder but for some reason the 1st gear is I dont know how to say, once you take off or press the throttle about 4 miles a hour you already have to change it.. That would mean that I have a very low gear ratio?
!!!Wow!!! I never knew that! So I should usually start in 1st and use super low for climbing hills and pulling things! Is there a way in changing this to make it faster in super low?
I have the owner's manual. How do I go about and adjusting them?
Man you guys got this stuff down! I didn't realize how much work that is. I think I can do it. I would hate to have screwed this up. Where do I get this feeler gauge from?
im going to get one of those this weekened and take a look at it. Hopefully this will be the problem.
Thanks a bunch. but I will soon repost if I get stuck anywhere in the process lol
Alright I just got done checking the actual noise that was making a tapping and clicking noise.... lol it's coming from my carb. every time I give it gas just for the initial start or in gear it does that clicking. I did put my head close to that super hot engine! from reving it numerous times I really think it's coming from the carb. Any idea why?
Awesome! shadetree! Thanks and I will get on it when I can get the stuff lol!
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