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Hello all, I recently picked up a 2003 honda foreman rubicon 500. Absolutely beautiful machine. I have one major issue though. When I picked up the machine it ran beautifully idled great and had good response when I cracked the throttle. The next day I went to take it for a rip and every time I pressed the throttle it would puke out on me and die. I looked all over the machine just to find fluids coming out of the head gasket seam mostly fuel. Upon further inspection I found 4 head bolts to be loose and backed out completely. I also found 2 of the jug bolts to be loose (just a bit more than finger tight). I tore the top end, jug, head and whatnot off and got all the gaskets, rings and hardware necessary to make it right again. My question is have you guys ever used any locktite on any of the bolts (is that even a good idea) like jug and head bolts because I don't want them backing out again. (Sorry for the long winded question I felt like some context was necessary).
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