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Harley 4 wheeler

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Imagine the torque, you’d pull a house down with one of those!
notice where it is from , New Orleans , salvaged from hurricane Katrina ---------- wonder how much it went for $$$$

I remember after Katrina , I was on demo jobs all over the place , they cleaned up the police impoundment facility and there was 2 - 30 yard trash containers packed with motorcycles and atv's , they were grabbing them with a claw on a excavator and smashing them down into the container to get a full load , what a waste , I had to ask and was told , don't touch them , they were sold as scrap iron
Such a waste isn’t it!

When stolen ATV’s, dirt bikes etc get recovered by the police they go to an auction which is open to the public. There’s a catch.....
The police never advertise when or where the auction will be!!

Corrupt system huh?!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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