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Hard to Shift

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Guys if I turn my Recon off and its not in Neutral it is a pain in the you no what to get it back into neutal to start it next time... When it is running I have no problem shifting any gears let alone back to neutral. Any ideas as to what this is or how to override neutral only start? Thanks for any help
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you mean like the shifter is physically hard to switch gears???

sometimes when i shut mine off in gear, i have to rock the four wheeler a little bit or else the gears wont grab. ill keep trying to kick it down gears but it wont catch any gears. once it catches it goes down fine.

other than that yea i would look into the clutch adjustment posted above.
the 300 is an automatic clutch also.

i dont know where it would be at on yours tho.
i aint never messed with the clutch adjustment so i cant say.

i dont really think its a clutch issue tho what me and you are talking about. more so just needs tension on the drive train to catch. i dont know what causes this tho.

the reason i say i dont think its a clutch issue is because mine shifts fine driving it, if it was a clutch issue i would imagine i would run into issues while driving it also.
rock it back and forth till it catches.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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