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Handle bar cross bar?

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Does anyone know if a handle bar cross bar is made for the rancher 420? I want to mount a cel phone holder directly above the speedometer. Maybe a cup holder too lol. And I have no room with the winch switch and all. Anyone know of a cross bar that links both sides together?
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Remember..... (this is important) Handle bars are made and designed to flex in certain places, some bars you can fit cross bars to and some you can’t. Fitting a cross bar can in fact weaken the handle bars and result in disaster.. Renthal make bars for Honda ATV’s, Pro Taper probably do too, drop them an email and see what they have to say.

I’ve seen a dreadful accident at an MX (dirt bike) event where the right side handle bar sheered at the cross bar, turns out the guy fitted the cross bar to a set of bars that shouldn’t have had a cross bar mounted to. 18 weeks in hospital and never being able to ride again was the end result.
Thanks fish. Just need more time to finish it

Thanks Sam i don't have the turn buckle pushing, or pulling on the bars..... I had a friend pushing down on my bars when i added this... When i mash on the handle bars i can see, feel slack at the cross bar hinge bolts.

I'll check that site out!
I would think the fitment.and non fitment of crossbars is more of an issue on alloy handle bars as alloys tend to work harden and crack in stressed areas. Don’t hold me to that though lol.
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