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Handle bar cross bar?

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Does anyone know if a handle bar cross bar is made for the rancher 420? I want to mount a cel phone holder directly above the speedometer. Maybe a cup holder too lol. And I have no room with the winch switch and all. Anyone know of a cross bar that links both sides together?
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I have done the cross bar on a few of my ATVs for mounting GPS , everyone I done is different , I never did find a direct , made for it , bolt on bar , they are all homemade ----one is made from a Yamaha 700 Raptor crossbar

Pics: the blue 300 is a Raptor 700 crossbar with a little bit of modification , the red 300 is a universal turnbuckle type crossbar for about $8 off e-bay , I just used the bar clamps and didn't use the turnbuckle , which you can see is on the seat ---- another way to do it is to use mirror clamps


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I added one KIND of like fishes, i have yet to finish the plate going on top , I'm using mine to hold my emergency radios (fire dispatch) at hands reach.

Got the idea thanks to fish.
Wilson , you can do away with the turn bucket , just use the two clamps , put a piece of aluminum angle iron across the two clamps and it will make mounting brackets much easier dealing with a flat surface , than a round ---

your turn bucket is heavy duty compared to the one I had gotten , you can see it on the seat of the red 300 , it was lite weight
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