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growling noise when braking

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I have a 2003 rincon and my friend has a 2005. Both make a kind of growling noise when going slow downhill with the rear brake being used. It does not do it with only using the front brake. Any ideas, or do they all do it? It sounds like it is in the rear end or transfer case.
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I have a 2003. Mine does the same thing. Sounds like its coming from trnamission area. Only with the rear brake as well. I try not to use the rear brakes cause it does,nt sound good. I'm thinking maybe the bearing on the rear of the output shaft but thats just a guess. I did notice that I get good engine braking if I crank up the idle. When engine braking is working the problem disappears. The only problem with that is the idle has to be cranked up after I have it in gear or it will grind going into gear. Just ride along and slowly turn idle adjustment up gradually going down a small hill until engine braking kicks in. Then I just turn it back down when I have to disengage the trans. The book says 1400 +/- 100 rpm but I have to get it higher than that for the engine braking to work.
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