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Grips? Grips? Grips?

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I just bought some new handlebars for the bike and I decided to accommodate it with some fresh grips. Any brands you recommend?
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I LOVE the Spider grips...Spider Grip Models
You will love them, the best grip I have ever used
I won't say I notice less vibration because of the grips but they are the only grip that I have used that actually get more tacky after use.
My buddy uses the same one on his DS450. As far as I know he has had no issues.
I payed to have a shop do it...
Attach the ground end to a bolt.
Maxxis Razr2 is the best desert tire out there. IMO the Holeshots are really heavy, and the ones that are not heavy wear way too fast. I will not run anything but the Maxxis Razr2. My last set I bought the standard 6 ply razr, no comparison.
You will probably be assigned a number by the people who put on the event
Most races will give you a paper sticker that has your number printed on it.

Especially since the Elsinore Grand prix is not part od a circuit.
1 - 9 of 23 Posts
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