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Grips? Grips? Grips?

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I just bought some new handlebars for the bike and I decided to accommodate it with some fresh grips. Any brands you recommend?
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I have heard that spider grips are pretty good. I think Im going to settle with those.
I went on their website and read about their "shock absorbing" grips. Can anyone confirm of this being true?
I was looking at some tether switches and came across this really cheap one. What do you guys think?

ECONOMY ATV RACING HANDLEBAR MOUNT TETHER KILL SWITCH: eBay Motors (item 250697403264 end time Nov-14-10 08:51:03 PST)
Sweet. I was planning on buying one but the price seemed to throw me off. Are tether switches pretty hard to install when it comes to the wires?
From what I have read, you just hook up one wire to a wire leading to the ignition, and the other is grounded. So I guess you just tape or wrap the other wire around the frame so it touches the metal?
That might be a good idea. What are some good tires for racing? I hear holeshots are some of the best.
How would I get my racer number? Do I have to call them and ask them or register and then I'm assigned a number? Do I need to buy number plates?
Would I need to get number plates for the quad then or would they provide something?
Makes sense. Yea because I was wondering if I supposed to or not since the legp is not a permanent thing. Now I just need to learn how to keep up with all the 450's since I will be on a 400. Hahaha.
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