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Hello my name is chase and I have or had an issue with my 2006 honda trx450er I replaced the starter clutch because the old one froze up. But after that I rode it around for a few minutes and ran fine. But when I took it to the dunes it idled with no noise but when I put it into gear it made the grinding noise and kept going in neutral. Killed it then I started it again and had no noise until I took it out and hit second gear with it and it started again then it stayed on until I killed it. Now trust me I put everything back to spec and torqued it to spec. Since then I replaced the clutch basket and steel and fiber plates and it still made the noise so I decided to go into detail more. Checked the oil filter and it had a lot of steel in it. So we took it apart and replaced all the bearings and cleaned it all and torqued it to spec. Timing chain is fine piston was perfect valves were perfect. Just trying to see if anyone had the same issue before I left town for work I started up since the rebuilt and it ran good and started perfect. If anyone knows anything about my issue any info is appropriated the you tube video is here for the noise May 23, 2022


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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