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Hey guys,

After reading fishfile’s 450 build from start to finish I was inspired to share my own restore/build. There’s a lot of knowledge and advice being shared, from sourcing parts to tricks for disassembly/assembly. Looking forward to being a part of the discussion.
I’m a teacher, not a mechanic, but have been learning a lot about these machines over the years.
I grew up with a foreman 450es on a farm, and loved it.
I currently own a 2016 rubicon 500 with es and irs. It’s perfect.
I recently picked up two machines for free, on account of how much work they needed, and the owners had discarded them a long long time ago.
One is a 1999 Honda foreman 450s, which I’m currently working on.
The other is a 1993 Honda fortrax 300 4x4, which will be next.
Very excited to share progress! (Will be providing pics).
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Welcome to the forums!

Nice score!! Looking forward to pics!
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