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Greenhorn to the site need 420 help.

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The rear end on my 420 finally failed. I tore it down today to find everything is pretty much destroyed.

The spline on the rear drive shaft at the pinion gear is stripped. Thus drive shaft will need to be replaced. The pinion gear as well is tore up. The ring gear is scrap metal. All the bearings/seals/o-rings...pretty much gonna need a whole new rearend. Any body know wher I could get a whole assembly at a good $$$. The axle shaft was not damaged. Any help from you guys is welcome and would greatly be appreciated. Thank from the dirty south!
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It's a 2007 model....miles?? It doesn't have an hour meter or odometer. Let's just say it's been around the block a time are 2! Also spinning the 27" silverbacks aren't the greatest idea I've ever had!
Rear end update...420

The failure was definitely caused due to seals not holding oil. The front end looks brand new inside. When I took the oil fill cap off the rear red dust came rising out the hole ( I call it rust dust) anyhow still no rearend.. Honda says October 6th?? Backorder. Funny cuz last time I went in the Honda dealer there were 200 ranchers of every color in there..!! Seems like Honda would have parts for days for there best seller! For you inventors like me I did get the bike rolling. I cut the female end of a 3/4 extension and welded it to the driveshaft. Then cut the stripped spline from the pinion gear and welded the male end of the same 3/4 extension. Gonna try and get a couple pics up... :lifting:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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