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Grease Fittings

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I have a 2016 Honda Rancher. I'm just wondering if there is any grease fittings on this machine? I cleaned mine really good today and decided to look but found no fittings on the tie-rods or anywhere else.
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a lot of honda atv's dont have grease fittings. in the steering column on the old 2000es, is a place i needed grease. the shifter motor, another.. find out what you can grease. then have at it.. another thing to find is what kind of grease ya need for a certain place..
I wasn't saying there was a grease fitting in the steering stem, , BUT was saying one can grease it, and it will make steering better and less wear and tear there!
even , I BELIEVE says to do son as PM's in owners manual at some age point!
i know this, but most dont.. it doesnt say this in any manuals, far as i know.. and what kind of grease, is a different matter.. as far as waterproof grease, SAM is correct, i cant list a waterproof grease.
where there a list, of waterproof greases, i'd only imagine..
only had i seen the hollow, before i took the steering column apart. had i known, i could have avoided unnecessary work.. though it did give me some limited experience. besides, i only learn the hard way.. :D head knocking
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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