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red could u make a number graphics like 69's but where the name goes can u put monster energy
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I could put "Monster" without having to get any permission. Do the plates black with green numbers letters and outlining. That would be $60 plus shipping. So about $65.00
Right on, let me know when you're ready.

Don't make me mad before then or the price goes up...J/K LOL
No, it's taking forever. We have to send ALL of the content over, plus I'm in the process of doing a stupid large order of shirts and stickers for a local offroad club. And I have to be out of this house in 33 days, haven't found a new place yet, trying to buy a house, plus getting everything ready for 2010 race season... I'm trying
Yeah, were just moving to a different part of town.
You mean like a full graphics kit? Without having your bike or a bike with the same plastics to make templates off of, I would have to say no. I cannot do them at this time.
Thank you, Can't wait to see what you get.
I think the red would be a little off. I think you need to lose all the red on your machine and stick with green, black, white outlinging.
I recommend to people to not match the gear to the machine. Your helmet will need to be replaced before the quad does.
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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